Why Warsaw, Poland should be your next European destination

Why Warsaw, Poland should be your next European destination

Adoration 4 Adventure’s recommendations for visiting Warsaw, Poland.

Warsaw is a city with strong character and a complex history. The capital of Poland has a bustling financial center, a pretty Old Town, and plenty of cultural activities.

I visited Warsaw for the second time and fell even more in love with this unique city. The following are the reasons why you should make Warsaw your next destination.

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You can live large on a small budget

Poland is a part of the Schengen area, so your arrival will be border control-free when coming from another member country. It is also in the European Union, however, has its own currency, the Zloty.

Generally, transportation, restaurants, and bars will be relatively inexpensive compared to central or western European countries. Beers can be bought for as little as 4 PLN ($1 USD and $1.40 AUD) and the standard price for trams is 3.40 PLN ($0.88 USD and $1.19 AUD) in zones 1 and 2. Uber is incredibly cheap, even going to the airport from the center it only cost me 21.81 PLN ($5.52 USD and $7.45 AUD). You can feel like a champion, buying rounds of drinks and ordering an Uber for you and your friends to the next bar, without it breaking the bank.

Accommodation is also very economic. I stayed at Hostel Helvetia where they have dorm rooms starting from 39 PLN ($10 USD and $13 AUD) per night. This economic price includes daily breakfast of bread, spreads cereals, coffee, and tea. Or you can upgrade to the more exclusive Helvetia Plus with private rooms and a full breakfast with the additional items cold cut meats and cheese, tomato, and juices. You can get your own room with a private bathroom from 169 PLN ($44 USD and $59 AUD) per night.


Great nightlife and hipster scene

If you like to party, Warsaw is your city! There are plenty of bars and dance clubs to choose from depending on your taste. Here are just a few that I personally tested and recommend:

  • Cafe Loft: Inner city bar with a good cocktail menu and trendy decor. They also serve food.
  • Pavilions: A cluster of bars, all side by side, off the main street of Nowy Świat. The different themes and an alternative crowd make for a fun way to start the night.
  • Plan B: Frequented by locals and overflowing on the weekend, this bar has cheap drinks and guest DJs.
  • Club Luzztro: A dark and atmospheric club with electronic music. If this is your style, also check out Smolna. I didn’t get a chance to go, however, it was highly recommended.
  • Teatro Cubano: Popular Latino music club that plays all your favorite Reggaeton songs. They also have a separate dance floor for other styles of music.

Cafe Loft, Warsaw, Poland - Adoration 4 Adventure

Delicious Polish food

Polish food is generally filling, cheap, and good. There are many dishes to try including Barszcz (beetroot soup), Placki ziemniaczane (potato pancakes), Sledzik (herring). and Kielbasa (sausage). The following are all places that I ate at and are also recommended by locals.

  • Cukiernia Pawlowicz: A Polish bakery located on a side street off Nowy Świat. Try a Paczki (hot doughnut) filled with chocolate.
  • Bar Mleczny: Literally translated into “Milk Bar”. These are cheap Polish restaurants that serve traditional dishes. The menu is normally only in Polish so you might want to make friends with a local or Google translate. I had a meal of sauerkraut and pickle salad, tomato and rice soup, pork in a spinach sauce, and a drink for less than 20 PLN ($5 USD and $7 AUD). These places are only usually open for lunch, closing before 6 pm.
  • Zapiecek: Delicious Pierogi (polish dumplings) fried or boiled. It is a chain restaurant and you won’t find any locals eating here, however, the food is still great quality for a relatively low price. The best thing about Zapiecek is that they have over 30 types of Pierogi to choose from.
  • Czerwony Wieprz (Red Hog): A humorous communist-themed restaurant with dishes inspired by former Soviet Union leaders. The menu is even divided between meals for dignitaries and proletariats (high and low cost).


Polish culture and history

While visiting Warsaw, you will want to get to know more about the city and its past. But on the flipside, there is also the modern Warsaw with over 18 theaters and modern art installations, such as the giant Palm Tree.

  • The Old Town: Learn about how the city was almost completely destroyed during World War II and meet the city’s symbol of a mermaid on a free walking tour (tips encouraged for guides).
  • Royal Castle: The castle was completely rebuilt, however, the artifacts and furniture inside are antique. Entrance is free on Sunday.
  • Chopin Museum: The beloved Fryderyk Chopin was born in Poland and his homeland pays homage to him with a museum. There are also daily concerts with his music in the Old Town. While walking in this area, look out for benches that bear his name. These play melodies and show historic landmarks that were relevant to him during his time in Warsaw.


  • Palace of Culture and Science: This looming building towering over the city was a gift from Stalin. It is the tallest building in Poland and has a terrace on the 30th floor which people can visit to see the city views.
  • Praga: The bohemian residential area across the river. There are rumors of pickpockets, so be careful of your bag. However, there are some great bars, cafes, street art. Free walking tours also cover this area.
  • Warsaw Uprising: An interactive museum to retell the valiant Polish resistance through sound and touch.


Relax and unwind

When you aren’t sightseeing, museum or bar hoping, you might want to find somewhere quiet to chill.

  • Lazienki Park: Gorgeous sprawling park with countless squirrels and the beautiful “Palace on the water”.
  • Cud nad Wisla: A riverside outdoor bar that has been set up with sand, deck chairs and hammocks for a beach feel. I was so relaxed here, that I actually feel asleep in my deck chair.


Hostel Helvetia, Warsaw

Imagine staying in one of the first hostels opened in Warsaw. Hostel Helvetia started in 2005, dreamed up by the adventure-loving couple, Gosia and Piotr. The decor is bright, airy, and colorful, with spacious rooms and comfortable beds. The staff are extremely friendly and are happy to answer all your questions and give you additional recommendations.


At Hostel Helvetia, they offer economically priced rooms for single, couple, and family travelers. The room options include female dorm, four-person dorm, six-person dorm, eight-person dorm, twin room, double room, and family room. The common area is a cozy place to hang out, relax, and make new friends. I spent 4 nights in the three-bedroom female dorm and had fun meeting other guests.

They also have Helvetia Plus, just five minutes walk from Hostel Helvetia. Helvetia Plus feels like your own private apartment in Warsaw. There is a kitchen and common area, with a choice from twin room, double room, and apartment. The atmosphere is very calm and tranquil. I stayed in a twin room for 3 nights and felt like the only person in the whole apartment.


Hostel Helvetia is located in a fantastic location, right next to the historic district and within walking distance to many of the places that I have recommended. For a detailed description on how to get here from the airport, bus, or train station check out their Contact page. Gosia and Piotr have also included many great tips for first-time visitors to Warsaw.

Location: Sewerynów 7, 00-924 Warszawa

Website: http://www.hostel-helvetia.pl/


I was a complimentary guest of Hostel Helvetia however, my opinion is my own and will always remain unbiased in order to provide the best recommendations to my readers.

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Adoration 4 Adventure’s recommendations for visiting Warsaw, Poland. Including places to eat, drink, stay, and things to do.

Have you visited Warsaw or planning to anytime soon? Tell us about it below!

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Highlights of Andalusia, Spain

Highlights of Andalusia, Spain

Adoration 4 Adventure’s highlights of Andalusia, Spain.

The Spanish region of Andalusia stretches along the southern coastline and across the sea from its neighbor, Morocco. This region has a mixture of architecture with Arabic influences from its time under rule by the Moors. It is also the original birthplace of Flamenco, the famous Spanish performance with a combination of guitar, singing, and dancing.

There are so many unique and stunning locations within Andalusia that it can be difficult to narrow it down to just a few. The following are my personal highlights of Andalusia to help you plan your trip to the region.

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Granada (2-3 days)

One of the most famous cities in Andalusia, and possibly even Spain, is Granada.

People travel here from all over the world to visit the Alhambra, an Arabic palace, and fortress. Due to its popularity, tickets to the Alhambra need to be purchased months in advance. To buy online, go to Ticketek and avoid illegitimate third-party websites. Alternatively, you can buy tickets for a tour or arrive early (around 6 am) and hope to buy one at the gate. They only sell around 100 per day.

As I visited during the extremely busy time of Semana Santa (Saint Week), the week before the Christian holiday of Easter, there was no chance of getting any tickets at the door. If you are like me and miss out on getting into the Alhambra, don’t despair. You can still see some amazing views of the building by hiking up San Miguel Alto.


Seville (2 days)

If you tell a Spanish person that you are planning a trip to Andalusia, they will warn you about the heat during Summer. And that can’t be truer for Seville.I visited in March and was still affected by the heat, so make sure that you take it easy during your trip. Drink lots of water, stay in the shade, and adopt the Spanish custom of afternoon siestas during the hottest part of the day. Restaurants also close during siesta time (starting around 3:30 pm), so keep that in mind if you are looking for a late lunch.

There are many attractions to visit in Seville, including the Alcazar (Moorish royal palace), Seville Cathedral, and Plaza de Toros. The highlight for me was definitely Plaza de Espana. The plaza has a place to rent boats, gorgeous tile patterns, and wall mosaics for the major cities around Spain.


Cadiz (2 days)

Cadiz is a beach-lovers dream. There are plenty of sites to see in the old town, however, the best thing to do is relax by the beach. Enjoy a drink while sitting in the sun at one of the many seaside restaurants and cafes. For a great meal, head to La Candela or Taberna Casa Manteca. As for nightlife, the Woodstock bar is a popular alternative rock bar.

If you want to extend your time, the towns around Cadiz are supposed to be very nice


Tarifa (2 days)

Tarifa is the city of windsurfing with gusty breezes attracting surfers from all around the world.

From this most southerly point of Europe, you can see Morocco on a clear day. If you have the time and fancy a boat trip, return tickets to Tangier can be purchased for around €70.

My favorite thing to do here was to enjoy long, late lunches. Check out La Francesca, Lola, and Burgato for meals between €15-20 per person. The nightlife here is rumored to be very good during the Summer.


La Linea de la Concepcion (1 day)

Located in the province of Cadiz, La Linea de la Concepcion is the gateway to the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. From this small Spanish city, you can literally walk across the border to Gibraltar. There are many different paths to take up the Rock of Gibraltar and chances are you will see some local wildlife, including the macaques. Walking from the base, you can take a track right to Apes Den and then onto Governor’s Lookout – all totally free.

While in La Linea itself, grab some delicious tapas at La Chimenea. At the end of the meal, you will receive a complimentary drink in a small chocolate cup

La Linea de la Concepcion

Malaga (2-3 days)

If you are flying into Andalusia, chances are you are probably arriving in Malaga. This city is worth 2-3 days exploring on its own from the city center to the surrounding neighborhoods – there are plenty of beaches to be enjoyed.

Itinerary: Malaga, Andalusia, Spain (2 days)

Centre Pompidou, Malaga, Andalusia, Spain

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Adoration 4 Adventure’s highlights of Andalusia, Spain including Malaga, Granada, Seville, Cadiz, Tarifa, and La Linea de la Concepcion.

Have you traveled to Spain or planning to anytime soon? Tell us about it below!

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Adoring Albufeira in the Algarve, Portugal

Adoring Albufeira in the Algarve, Portugal

Adoration 4 Adventure’s recommendations for adoring Albufeira in the Algarve, Portugal.

Are you searching for a European beach holiday that is spectacular yet inexpensive? Well, look no further than Albufeira in the Algarve. The Algarve is a coastal area in the south of Portugal with consistently good weather year-round. This stretch of golden sands is well connected with an airport in Faro, as well as buses and trains from the capital of Lisbon.

The summers are meant to be superb and as a winter escape, you can’t go wrong. After hearing rave recommendations, my friend Tamara and I decided to add Albufeira to our Portugal itinerary. We visited in early March and were thrilled to find weather warm enough for bikinis! At this time of year, there aren’t too many places in Europe where you can expect temperatures fit for frolicking on the beach.

And if that wasn’t good enough, throw in fresh seafood feasts, Portuguese hospitality, and luxury hotels. Are you booking your flights yet?

Here are my recommendations for adoring Albufeira in the Algarve.

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If you are flying into Faro, it is just a 35-minute bus ride to Albufeira. From Lisbon, Albufeira can be reached either by bus or train (both around 3 hours and €20-30 one way). We chose the bus as it stopped at the Albufeira bus depot, where we could transfer onto a bus to our resort, Velamar Boutique Hotel.

Albufeira has everything you need for retail therapy, and just outside the center are beautiful beaches waiting to be explored. The old town is located in Praia dos Pescadores (beach of the fishermen) and has a lively nightlife with pubs and karaoke bars. We visited on our first night to eat dinner at Ruina (ruin), as recommended by the Velamar Boutique Hotel manager, Jose. The restaurant is in an old fortress and located right on the sea. If you are a fan of seafood then this is a treat not to be missed.

The Velamar Boutique Hotel is located in Olhos d’Água (eyes of water) which is walking distance to not one but three magnificent beaches! The area itself has many amenities including supermarkets, bakeries, clothing stores, bars, and restaurants. You can easily spend your whole time hanging out at the hotel and beaches, without ever venturing into the center.


Praia dos Olhos de Agua

Moving from east to west, the first of three beaches located near Velamar Boutique Hotel is Praia dos Olhos de Agua. This beach has a number of sea-front restaurants providing an opportunity to dine in the sun and soft sea breeze. We stopped in at Restaurante La Cigale twice for mid-afternoon drinks. Tamara also tried the soup and fish, both which she loved.

The beach has many little coves which make the perfect place to lay down your towel, stretch out in the sun and read a book. We spent a whole afternoon doing only this.


Praia Maria Luisa

Maria Luisa is the closest beach to the hotel and was also the beach with the least amount of people when we visited. Although we were there in the off-season so it was very quiet and relaxed anyway. Besides being another great beach to relax and walk on, there are stairs that lead to the top of the cliffs for awesome ocean views.

There aren’t any restaurants near the beach front, however, there are many on Albufeira street closer to the hotel. My favorite was 3 Maria’s where you can get a “Menu do dia” for €13. This includes a starter, main course, dessert and half a bottle of wine. For a sit-down dinner in a charming restaurant, the value is unbelievable.


Praia de Santa Eulalia

With all this eating and laying around, a stroll can be great to stretch the legs. Santa Eulalia is a long and wide beach that is nice to walk up and down. This would be a good option if you are looking to go for a jog as well. Tamara and I had grand plans to work out while we were in Albufeira but it never happened. And that’s okay because when you are on holidays, it’s all about enjoying yourself!

The layers and textures of the colored sands at Praia de Santa Eulalia are very striking as well. All three beaches are unique and worth a visit.


Velamar Boutique Hotel Pool

If you happen to get sick of beaches (is that even possible?) or feel like a change of pace, then there is the pool at Velamar Boutique Hotel. During summer there are sun loungers and a pool bar to help keep you hydrated.


Velamar Boutique Hotel

Velamar is a boutique hotel that is both luxurious and affordable. The building was recently renovated and the decor is ocean-inspired with soft blue and green tones. There are many premium amenities including a stylish hotel bar, games area and meeting room.


We stayed in the Classic Room that comes with either a double or twin beds. Our room was very spacious with a huge closet, en-suite and balcony. There is also a television, mini fridge, and facilities to make tea and coffee. The sliding glass doors and curtains can be opened up during the day for the breeze and sun. At night they provide a thick barrier for a peaceful sleep.


Buffet breakfast is included for all guests at Velamar Boutique Hotel. The restaurant is located on the top floor and has sea views. One of the best parts of my day was leisurely breakfasts with multiple courses and coffees while looking out at the ocean. Breakfast includes a range of cereals, bread, pastries, cold cuts, cheeses, fruits, and juices as well as two coffee machines. There is also usually a choice of freshly cooked eggs, which the servers will tell you about once you are seated.

The staff at Velamar Boutique Hotel are multilingual, friendly and helpful. The hotel manager, Jose, and the team went out of their way to make sure our stay was memorable.

Location: Estrada de Albufeira, Olhos d’Água, 8200-635 Albufeira, Algarve

Website: http://www.velamar.pt/


My friend and I were complimentary guests of Velamar Boutique Hotel, however my opinion is my own and will always remain unbiased in order to provide the best recommendations to my readers.

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Adoration 4 Adventure’s recommendations for adoring Albufeira in the Algarve, Portugal. Including Praia dos Olhos de Agua, Maria Luisa and Santa Eulalia.

Have you traveled to Albufeira and Lagos or planning to anytime soon? Tell us about it below!

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4 great getaways from Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

4 great getaways from Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Adoration 4 Adventure’s recommendations for 4 great getaways from Barcelona, Spain.

The words “getaway” and “Barcelona” don’t sound like they belong in the same sentence. Why would anyone want to get away from Barcelona? Believe me, I am with you on that. I’m crazy about this city and am not shy to show it (it’s my favorite European city and in my top 5 of the world). So much so that I spent almost a month based here. And what a month it was!

Barcelona is easily worth a month (or more) of your time. However, it is still nice to get out of the city and explore other surrounding areas. The public transport system is easy to use and relatively inexpensive. Within just few hours you could find yourself in a totally different region or country.

Here are my recommendations for great getaways from Barcelona.

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Montserrat (1 day)

Montserrat is the most well-known day trip from Barcelona. The monastery is just over an hour out of the city and easily accessible by a combination of train and rail or train and cable car. Alternatively, if you have a car, you can drive. There are many ticket options available on the website and it can be confusing. My friends and I bought our train and rail pass from the ticket office at Plaza Espana.

Once you arrive, there is no actual entrance fee unless you want to visit the Museum, Audiovisual Space, or take a ride on a funicular. Access to the grounds and the Basilica are free. Inside the church, you can view the famed Our Lady of Montserrat statue.

There are also numerous hikes, which were my favorite part. Visit the tourist office to pick up a map so you can find views like these.


Girona (1-2 days)

I visited Girona as a day trip, however, it could also be stretched into a lazy weekend. By train, it is 40 minutes from Barcelona Sants station and costs around €25 return. For photographers, this city is a dream with a mixture of cultures and architectures. A majority of the activities are free or less than €5 so it’s also a destination that suits budget-conscious travelers.

Here are some of the things you can do during your visit to Girona:

  • Walk through the Jewish Quarter and visit Europe’s smallest plaza
  • Visit the Santa Maria Cathedral and Arab Baths
  • Explore the garden and church ruins
  • Walk along the city wall and take photos of the incredible views
  • Eat delicious ice cream from Rocambolesc (there is also a location in Barcelona)
  • Visit the Cinema Museum.


Valencia (2-3 days)

I visited Valencia for 2 and a half days and absolutely loved it. It takes 4 hours by bus from Barcelona, so is not possible as a day trip but you wouldn’t want to spend less time here anyway. Life is meant to be enjoyed in Valencia and there is absolutely no rushing.

Valencia is in the region of Comunitat Valenciana with the official languages of Valencian and Castilian (Spanish). English is also widely spoken. As a different region with a different language, it is nice to see the contrast to Barcelona (located in the region of Catalonia with the language of Catalan). it is also a University city, so there are also many young international students.

Read my 2 day itinerary for Valencia, Spain.


Andorra la Vella (2-3 days)

Andorra is the sixth smallest nation in Europe, located on the borders of Spain and France, and close to the Pyrenees Mountains. From Barcelona, you can take a direct bus to the capital of Andorra la Vella in 3 hours.

Andorra la Vella is small but picturesque with a mountain backdrop. The city itself can be explored in a few hours and is probably not worth a day trip unless you are counting countries or looking to shop. The attached neighborhood of Escaldes-Engordany is like a giant outdoor outlet store.

The majority of visitors to Andorra come here for the skiing and stay up in the mountains. The other option for visitors to Andorra la Vella is one of their luxurious spas.


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Adoration 4 Adventure's recommendations for 4 great getaways from Barcelona, Spain. Including Montserrat, Girona, Valencia and Andorra.

Have you traveled to Spain or planning to anytime soon? Tell us about it below!

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How to get the most out of your holiday in Bali, Indonesia

How to get the most out of your holiday in Bali, Indonesia

Adoration 4 Adventure’s recommendations on how you can get the most out of your holiday in Bali, Indonesia.

Are you looking for a holiday destination that has a wow factor but won’t cost a fortune?

Bali is a small island in Indonesia, full of enormous opportunities for fun, relaxation, and romance. It is a very accessible and affordable destination for families, couples, groups and single backpackers.

Many travelers come here to one specific location or activity in mind, however, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy a range of unforgettable experiences.

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Live a life of luxury

Most of us love to relax by the beach, cocktail in hand while watching the waves roll slowly up onto the shore. Bali is definitely the place that you can spend an entire week (or more!) doing just that.

The added bonus is that Bali is very economic, which means that you can upgrade yourself to luxury for the same price that you would pay for a standard hotel in a major US city. Inaya Putri Bali is a 5 Star Resort with its own private beach. Located in Nusa Dua, Inaya Putri is an easy transfer from Bali Denpasar International Airport. Find out here.


Party hard but not too hard

One of the reasons that so many Australians go to Bali is that the party scene is ridiculously fun. Start your night early with a Bintang beer (to match your new Bintang tank-top) while enjoying a Nasi Goreng dinner. Then hit the nightclubs that Kuta is notorious for.

Forget dress codes and long lines, partying in Bali is made to be simple and relaxed. Everyone is in a good mood so it’s very easy to make new friends whether you are traveling in a small group or solo.

The low cost of drinks can help make your dollars go further. Just don’t overdo it, so you can still get out of bed at a reasonable hour the next day (or back up for the following night!).


Immerse yourself in Balinese Culture

Have your big nights out in Kuta while still experiencing more of the island and its culture during the day. Ubud is an easy day trip from Kuta by either tour or rental car. When visiting with friends, I hired a private driver for the entire day and made up our own itinerary. Split between four people, it was very cheap and we saw everything we wanted.

Some memorable places included the Ubud Monkey Forest, Mt Batur and Titra Empul temple. We also stopped to experience Balinese dance performances, local dishes, and exotic fruits.


Make time for island time

It might seem crazy to leave a beautiful island for another island getaway, however, the Gili Islands are not to be missed. Located off the neighboring island of Lombok, the Islands are made up of three small islands: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air.

The islands are a remote paradise with no motorized transport and complete tranquility. Also a great place for divers to get their certification.


All photos in this article are the were sourced from Pixabay and Wikimedia and are free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0. This is a sponsored post for which I received a small payment to go towards the costs of running this website.

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Adoration 4 Adventure's recommendations for how you can get the most out of your holiday in Bali, Indonesia.

Have you visited Indonesia or planning to anytime soon? Tell us about it below!

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Local cuisine and culture in Lisbon, Portugal

Local cuisine and culture in Lisbon, Portugal

Adoration 4 Adventure’s recommendations for local cuisine and culture in Lisbon, Portugal.

As a solo traveler, I am pretty comfortable with eating out on my own. However, given the chance, I will almost always choose to dine with company. One of the reasons I enjoy using BonAppetour is that it provides me with an opportunity to get to know new people over a meal.

BonAppetour is a community platform that brings travelers and local hosts together, from over 40 countries across the world. I first tried BonAppetour in Bangkok, Thailand with a Thai cooking class and meal. After having such a fun, social and relaxed time, I was hooked!

For my next BonAppetour experience, I attended a sit down 3-course meal in Lisbon, Portugal. Once again, my expectations (and the capacity of my stomach!) were well exceeded.


Enjoying local cuisine

One of the richest aspects of travel is enjoying new and local cuisines. As this was my first trip to Lisbon, I chose a traditional Portuguese meal for my BonAppetour experience. However, often you can find an array of dining options from local cuisines to exotic dishes on the BonAppetour platform.

My host family was incredibly warm and kind. Luis met me near the underground station (just a short trip from my hostel in Praca de Rossio) and directed me to their apartment, where I was greeted by Patricia and their two lovely daughters. The atmosphere was very welcoming and I immediately felt like an old friend of the family’s.

Almost upon arrival, I was being seated for the first course of delicious cheeses and meats. The main was a dish that I had never heard of before but was grateful for the opportunity to try. “Carne de Porco a Alentejana” includes both pork and claims. For dessert, we had a melt-in-your-mouth Portuguese pudding. Each dish was exquisite and paired with a hand-picked local wine, liqueur, and coffee. Don’t worry if you have food preferences or allergies, Patricia is happy to customize the menu.


Discovering Portuguese culture

The added bonus of using BonAppetour for your dining experience is that the hosts are locals. This provides an opportunity for you to get to know more about the culture and history of your destination.

I have a particular interest in Portugal, as I had lived in Brazil for a short time and now speak a little Brazilian Portuguese. It was great fun for me to practice my Portuguese with Patricia and her family over the meal. They also impressed me with their fluency in foreign languages and worldly travels.

Patricia was delighted to share her knowledge about Lisbon and other parts of Portugal. I left her apartment with a head full of suggestions, arms full of brochures to Sintra and a tummy full of Portuguese goodness.


Use the A4A Reader Discount Code “A4A10OFF” to receive 10% off your next BonAppetour experience.


Do you want to enjoy great food and connect with locals? BonAppetour provides the opportunity to “dine at homes around the world”.

And if there isn’t a host in a city near you, you can also sign up to become a host and home chef.

Use the A4A Reader Discount Code “A4A10OFF” to receive 10% off your next BonAppetour experience.

BonAppetour - Explore Unique Home Restaurants

I was a complimentary guest of BonAppetour, however my opinion is my own and will always remain unbiased in order to provide the best recommendations to our readers.  

This page contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission from purchases made through these links, however there is no extra cost to the reader. For more information, please read my disclaimer and privacy policy.

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Adoration 4 Adventure's recommendations for finding local cuisine and culture in Lisbon, Portugal. How to enjoy home dining around the world.

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