Adoration 4 Adventure’s recommendations for surfing paradise in El Tunco, El Salvador by A4A guest writer, Darrell Whaley.

El Tunco is a surfing paradise. Sitting on the West Coast, two hours outside of the capital San Salvador, this is a frequented weekend spot for city locals and surfers from all over the world. Playa El Tunco is highlighted by a distinguished rock formation rising out of the water on the west end of the beach. The black sand beaches covered in thick layers of pebbles make this a unique view compared to most beaches.

The town itself consists of two small streets, however they are packed with everything you could possibly need for a surfing trip or relaxing holiday. Surf gear and rental shops line the streets, as well as trendy restaurants and bars featuring almost any cuisine you can think of. Most breakfast are well-priced from between USD$2.50-$5.00. Dinners usually start around USD$5.00. Drink specials are easy to come by every night. For those on a budget, pupusas are a quick solution and easy to find from as little as USD$1 for 3.

El Tunco has a unique vibe with a mixture of influences from surfers, backpackers, and even luxury travelers. This little town tends to be sleepier during the week, but comes alive on the weekends with the arrival of many locals from El Salvador.

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El Tunco is a popular spot for surfers as it is easy to travel to from San Salvador and an affordable place to stay for an extended period of time. The beaches around El Tunco tend to be better suited to surfers with more experience, however beginners can start off at the nearby Playa San Blas. Surfboard rentals start at about $10 per day, with lessons around $10 per hour. Surf schools also provide shuttles to Playa San Blas.

For those who don’t surf, you can take a day trip to the waterfall, Cascadas Tamanique. Or you may just prefer to hang around town, stretch out by your hotel pool and take in the ocean views, as we did.

Surfer riding the waves at Playa El Tunco.

Hotel Tekuani Kal

Hotel Tekuani Kal was our stay of choice while in El Tunco. This beach side property is found on the main street soon after getting off the highway and just a few steps away from all the action happening in town. After walking down the extended driveway and up the steps to the open-air restaurant, you can quickly see the waves that cause surfers to flock to the area.

With numerous rooms to choose from, all the way from single to quadruple room options, there is something for everyone. We stayed in room 8, which included two double beds, a comfortable sitting area, a huge bathtub and shower, and even an underwater view of the outdoor pond. The first thing we noticed upon walking into the room was how spacious it was. Unlike many cramped hotel rooms, we had a full-sized sitting area and expansive bathroom.

Picture of room accommodations.

The room had an earthy-style with many natural colors and elements. From the sheer white rock walls, to the thick wooden-slab coffee table and the sea blue tiles in the bathroom, we could see that Hotel Tekuani Kal had encompassed nature into its interior design. The large mirror and clear windows give a feeling of endless space, while the strategically placed pond and walls provide the utmost privacy.

All rooms at Hotel Tekuani Kal are furnished with air conditioning, television with cable, private bathrooms, and even a private terrace. Numerous rooms within Hotel Tekuani Kal have ocean front views from their balconies. As our room was ground-level, our terrace led out to a garden courtyard with a magnificent tree.

Huge Bathtub in room 8.


Hotel Tekuani Kal contains a restaurant and bar overlooking the ocean. Depending on the time of day, you can easily view surfers riding the waves, take in the calming sounds of the ocean, or even view the beautiful sunset from the infinity pool. This same infinity pool spills over, in waterfall fashion, into another pool two stories below.

Infinity pool overlooking Playa El Tunco.

The menu of Tekuani Kal Restaurant consists primarily of fresh seafood, along with different meats, pastas and much more to choose from. There is also a large selection of drinks, both on and off the menu.

During our stay the UEFA Champions League Final was being broadcast. This event was promptly on and quickly drew a crowd at the bar. One of the positive things about Tekuani Kal’s bar was they were not enforcing a minimum spending amount to view the match, unlike many of the surrounding bars. They always continued to have a relaxed vibe in their service.

Tekuani Kal's Restaurant and Bar.


Hotel Tekuani Kal’s staff are all more than happy to assist in whatever is needed. Whether it be searching for the best deals on surfing rentals, finding a place to do laundry, or just local bus directions, they are always there.

Daily housekeeping is provided by the staff, making sure the floors are clean, new soaps are in place, and fresh towels are provided.

Getting to El Tunco

El Tunco is easily accessible from all over El Salvador by car, shuttle, or even local transit. We arrived via Sonsonate on the local bus #287, which leaves twice daily and costs only USD$1.50 per person. For those coming from La Libertad, bus #80 can take just 20 minutes.

Extend your trip in El Salvador with a visit to nearby beach town, El Cuco.

Hotel Tekuani Kal, El Tunco

Hotel Tekuani Kal offers single to quadruple room options, many with beach front views. For availability and pricing, contact [email protected].

Location: Playa el Tunco, La Libertad, El Majahual, El Salvador.


Walking Path through Hotel Tekuani Kal.

Adoration 4 Adventure were complimentary guests of Hotel Tekuani Kal, however our opinions are our own and will always remain unbiased in order to provide the best recommendations to our readers.

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Adoration 4 Adventure's recommendations for surfing paradise in El Tunco, El Salvador. A frequented spot for locals and surfers from all over the world.

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