Adoration 4 Adventure’s packing list recommendations for warm weather travel, for both females and males, to fit into one carry-on suitcase per person.

My packing list was for 9 weeks of backpacking in Central America, however the list could be used for other destinations. The clothing packed was multi-purpose to cover different activities from beach days to hiking. In total there is enough for 14 days of wear without washing.

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Warm weather packing list for her


Warm weather packing list for him


Toiletries (for 2 people)


osprey-porter-travel-backpack-bag-black-46-literCarry-on backpack

My backpack of choice is the Osprey Porter Travel Backpack Bag, Black, 46-Liter. I am able to fit all of these items into this carry-on size bag (one per person).

Packing tips for Osprey Porter 46L:

  1. Roll smaller items and store vertically inside pockets first (e.g. tank tops, shorts or men’s briefs)
  2. Place heavier items like shoes at the bottom of the bag
  3. Lay any items that need to stay flat on the bottom of the bag (e.g. shorts that don’t roll well)
  4. Put a larger item (e.g. travel towel or toiletry bag) at the very front of the bag where it is curved.
  5. Fill up space in between with larger items. Roll clothes first before placing in the bag.
  6. Place any other flat or bigger items that don’t roll on top
  7. Store your laptop in the back pocket.
  8. Put any smaller items that you need easy access to in the front pockets.

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Adoration 4 Adventure's packing list recommendations for warm weather travel for both females and males, to fit into one carry-on suitcase per person.

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