Top 6 things to do in Berlin, Germany

Top 6 things to do in Berlin, Germany

Adoration 4 Adventure’s top 6 things to do in and around Berlin, Germany.

This city has had a difficult past and it is therefore important to remain respectful when visiting some of these sites.

Sight seeing in Berlin:
  • Checkpoint Charlie: Some guides may tell you not to bother coming to this so-called tourist trap however I think that the historical significance is well worth the visit. There is information on the perimeter wall so you can take in as much, or as little information, as you like.

Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin, Germany

  • Bradenburg Gate (pictured in title image): Along with Checkpoint Charlie, it is one of the most tourist filled spots on this list however the history and beauty are worth putting up with the crowds.
  • Berliner Dom: Between the Berlin Television Tower and Bradenburg Gate, walking along Unter den Linen boulevard, it would be impossible to miss this breathtaking cathedral.

Berliner Dom, Berlin, Germany

  • Berlin Wall Memorial: I started from the top of Bernauer Strasse, taking my time to read about the history of the wall and escape tunnels. The path ending at the largest piece of surviving wall, preserved in its last version before disassembly began.

Berlin Wall Memorial, Berlin, Germany

Eating and drinking in Berlin:
  • Currywurst: I did’t care that it is touristy or bad for your health – I just couldn’t get enough of this “sausage and fries smothered in curry sauce” dish.
  • Beer: It’s Germany – so of course :). To save on money, I purchased cold beers from a liquor store to help wash down my currywurst. In Germany you can drink alcohol in public, so why not make a picnic of it and sit in a park or by the river.

Country Facts

Languages spoken: German (English widely spoken)

Currency: Euro €

Visa: Not required for Americans or Australians (Germany is a part of the Schengen region, refer to Schengen Visa website for more information).

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Adoration 4 Adventure's top 6 things to do in and around Berlin,Germany including places to eat and drink as well as sightseeing. 

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