Itinerary: Backpacking Nicaragua (12 days)

Itinerary: Backpacking Nicaragua (12 days)

Adoration 4 Adventure’s 12 day backpacking itinerary for Nicaragua by A4A guest writer, Darrell Whaley.

.It is always difficult to plan out an itinerary for a country that you have never traveled to before. It can be hard to know which destinations to visit, how much time to spend in each place and most importantly, how much it is all going to cost.

Recently we spent 12 days backpacking through Nicaragua, with stops in Leon, Granada, and Ometepe. This is an overview of where we stopped and what we did on our Nicaragua trip, including a full budget breakdown below. Our route could be used as a full itinerary or modified for any trip type and duration.

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Day 1-4: Leon

Leon is located about an hour shuttle or 2 hour local bus ride south of the border of Honduras and Nicaragua. Leon, once the original capital of Nicaragua, is the second largest city in the country. This city is rich in history (the original Leon was buried by volcanic eruptions) and a great place for food. We were lucky enough to be pointed in the best directions for food by Monica of Posada la Gordita and were never disappointed. The Nicaraguan tacos with fresh cream were our favorites.

The main attraction of Leon, for travelers, is the ability to go Volcano Boarding. This is the only location in the world where you can go down the side of a volcano at high speed. Make sure to look around for the best deal, but most companies that provide this experience for around $30 USD.

We used Leon as a low-key recovery location during our 9 week trip. There were many amenities here that we had not seen all over Central America, including a movie theater that showed movies in English. For only a few dollars we were able to munch on pop corn whilst watching the latest X-Men film.

Leon is known for its extreme heat and humidity, yet we only experienced a single full day of the heat. As luck would have it, during our stay, it rained nearly every day. Other activities visitors enjoy include the local water parks, museums and historic walking tours.

Leon Church

Day 5: Travel from Leon to Granada

We took 2 local buses to Granada from Leon with a stop in Managua. All buses leaving from Leon depart from the main bus station next to the market. Our shuttle bus from Leon to UCA bus station in Managua took around an hour and a half and cost 54 Cordobas per person. From UCA bus station it is simple to find the mini bus to Granada. This is an hour trip and cost $1 US dollar per person.

Day 6-9: Granada

Granada is the perfect location to see the variations of Nicaragua without having to go far from the city itself. The city has a very European feel to it and was in fact a Spanish colonial city. Granada is an attraction unto itself with colorful buildings, numerous cathedrals to visit, and perfect places for people watching while drinking coffee.

While here, we joined a night tour to the Masaya artisan markets and to see the current lava flows in Masaya Volcano. This has become one of the top things to do in the area as the lava is highly visible and flowing inside the volcano, which can be seen from the top. We also went to Laguna de Apoyo, a beautiful lagoon about 45 minutes from Granada, which makes for a perfect day trip of kayaking, swimming, and relaxation. Read more reasons why Granada should be your next destination.

Masaya Volcano at night

If you have done everything there is to do and want something more, Las Isletas is an additional option. Las Isletas is a grouping of 365 small islands that were formed when Mombacho volcano exploded long ago. They range from absolutely tiny islands, to ones large enough that people own the land and have built houses on them.

Las Isletas

For a truly unique experience, take a trip to the chocolate spa and museum. This was where we indulged in chocolate spa treatments and even made our own chocolate bars.

Day 10: Travel from Granada to Ometepe

To get from Granada to Ometepe, it requires 2 buses and a ferry. We took the bus from south of the Central Plaza in Granada to Rivas for 31 Cordobas per person. From Rivas we took a quick 15 minute local bus to San Jorge. The local bus can be picked up as it is passing by on the street adjacent to the bus station for 7 Cordobas a person. The final step is an hour long ferry ride to Ometepe for 35 Cordobas per person, but it can vary depending on which ferry you take and the time of departure.

Day 11-12: Ometepe

Ometepe is an island set in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. Formed by the two volcanoes, Concepcion and Maderas, Ometepe is an outdoors destination with most visitors intent on hiking at least one if not both of the volcanoes. Try to visit in the non rainy season as it becomes much more difficult to climb any of the volcanoes and all of the activities are outside.

Many visitors to Ometepe rent scooters or motorbikes so that they can explore the island. We heard stories of people not getting their deposit back or having issues, so just be careful in negotiating these deals. Alternatively, there are many tours you can take to various parts of the island. Unfortunately for us, Chantell was very sick during our stay so we literally were not able to explore at all. Luckily, the ferry ride across provides one of the best views of the island and volcano.

Concepcion Volcano

Want to extend your trip? Consider an escape to the northern beaches of San Juan Del Sur.

Budget breakdown: Nicaragua

All costs are quoted for two people and in the local currency (Nicaraguan Cordoba) when available. Nicaragua widely accepts USD and often encourages it. See below for the average daily spend per person including currency conversion to AUD and USD. We always try to find and negotiate the best prices to share with our readers. If you know of a better deal, tell us about it in the comments below.

Accommodation: We searched on various hostel and hotel websites for the best deals. For more information, read our tips for finding travel accommodation on a budget.

  • Leon – Private room and bathroom for 4 nights ($60 USD)
  • Granada – Private room and bathroom for 5 nights ($85 USD)
  • Ometepe – Private room and bathroom for 3 nights ($45 USD)

Food: We dined on a mixture of street food, local restaurants, convenience store snacks and the occasional mid range cost meal. The most delicious meals were often the cheapest and a sign of a good place will be crowded with locals. We also purchase bottled water, unless filtered refills were provided by the hostel/hotel. (308 Cordobas average per day on food and drink).

Activities: Day trip to Laguna de Apoyo (24 USD), Masaya Volcano/Market Night Tour (40 USD), Leon Movie Theater (110 Cordobas).

Transport: Shuttle from Leon to UCA Managua (108 Cordobas), Bus from UCA to Granada (2 USD), Bus from Granada to Rivas (62 Cordobas), Bus from Rivas to San Jorge (14 Cordobas), Ferry from san Jorge to Ometepe (70 Cordobas)

Average daily spend: $16.43 USD* per person ($21.91 AUD as of 3 July 2016).

*During our time in Leon and Ometepe, we did not do any tours so this amount will vary depending on the activities you want to do. This daily amount could be reduced by cooking your own meals.

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Adoration 4 Adventure’s 12 day backpacking itinerary for Nicaragua on a budget. Including stops in Leon, Granada and Ometepe.

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Escaping to the North Beaches of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Escaping to the North Beaches of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Adoration 4 Adventure’s recommendation for escaping to the North Beaches of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua.

San Juan Del Sur is located in the south of Nicaragua, along the pacific coast. A relaxed beach town with international influences, it is a popular attraction for backpackers. Particularly infamous for its weekly pub crawls, named “Sunday Funday”, many travelers time their trips to either coincide or avoid the weekends depending on their preference for big parties.

Darrell and I were both keen to explore the area around San Juan Del Sur, however wanted to skip the party scene. We had also heard that the beaches in the north of San Juan Del Sur were better for surfing, swimming and relaxing than the beach closest to the main town.

So we planned our escape to the beaches north of San Juan Del Sur.

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The North Beaches of San Juan Del Sur

Only a thirty minute drive from San Juan Del Sur, are three strikingly beautiful beaches called Playa Marsella, Playa Maderas and Playa Majagual. The beaches sit alongside each other, separated only by rocky cliffs. It is possible to walk from one beach to another, and in fact we actually rode horses along Playa Maderas to Playa Majagual.

Playa Marsella is the ultimate beach for relaxing. A sandy, white stretch of sand with clear water and only a hint of civilization. When we visited, there were only a handful of people on the beach and we were surprised that a place so lovely had so few visitors. It felt as if we had discovered a secret that not many visitors to Nicaragua knew about.

Playa Marsella, San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Playa Maderas is great for surfers and swimmers. A little bit more populated than its sister beach, with a restaurant and a couple of surf shops, however still a relaxed vibe. Darrell and I both enjoyed going for a dip in the ocean here, with the water being that perfect temperature between not too cold and not too warm. The tides can be a little strong, so if you are traveling with children or are not a strong swimmer, it is recommended that you stay where you can stand.

Playa Maderas, San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Playa Majagual looks very similar to Playa Maderas, however with less people. When we visited, there were only one or two small groups playing frisbee and hanging out with their dogs. The landscape is just beautiful, with the ocean meeting the sand and a backdrop of dramatic cliffs.

Mango Rosa

For our time in the San Juan Del Sur area, we wanted to stay in a place that had good access to the beaches and was still secluded enough to provide a calm and relaxing holiday. When we found Mango Rosa, it almost sounded too good to be true. A full-service resort hidden away in the jungle, with luxury amenities and walking distance to the beaches. We were excited for our visit.

Upon arriving at the reception area of Mango Rosa, the first thing that caught our attention was the glistening pool stretching out before us invitingly. We met with the owner and manager, Captain Greg, who welcomed us warmly to his Nicaraguan paradise. Greg shared with us that he had thought up the idea of Mango Rosa, sketching it out on a napkin. Years later, the resort is a reality with a layout resembling the original draft design.

Mango Rosa pool


During our stay at Mango Rosa, we stayed in a One Bedroom Bungalow. From the pool area, we were led a short distance through the thick green trees up to our lodging. As we walked along the path, we could see where it veered off to the other bungalows, however with the dense jungle in between us, we felt completely isolated in our own private house.

The One Bedroom Bungalow is made up of a spacious lounge room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, as well as its own private porch. It is fully self-contained, providing the opportunity for a romantic getaway or tranquil alone time. During the night you can hear the howler monkeys calling out and the distant sound of waves crashing.

Mango Rosa One Bedroom Bungalow - Lounge Room

After entering through the front door, on the porch, the first room we saw was the lounge room. The room has a warm decor with cane furniture and bright colors. The couches were comfortable for stretching out on while watching the Copa Americana tournament or getting work done on the laptop. There is satellite TV and WiFi, with each bungalow having its own personal router.

The big, open kitchen is well appointed with cooking utensils and appliances. Darrell and I both loved our lazy mornings making toast and coffee while deciding our plans for the day. Each bungalow also comes with a filtered water bottle so you can fill up before heading out for the next adventure.

Mango Rosa One Bedroom Bungalow - Kitchen

Connected to the lounge room and kitchen is the bedroom. Wooden shutters open up to provide open space within the bungalow and can also be closed for maximum privacy. When we first arrived, we were amazed to find the bed and bathroom covered with flower petals. It was such a personal touch and made us feel really welcomed to Mango Rosa. The bed itself is a dream to sleep in and helped us to feel rested at the end of each day. Both the bedroom and lounge room have ceiling fans as well as air conditioning units, so you can always set the temperature you find most comfortable.

The bathroom is also very spacious with a huge walk-in shower. After staying in Ometepe and having only cold showers, we were ecstatic to find that Mango Rosa offers hot water showers. Those who have traveled in Central and South America will know that this is not always standard.

Mango Rosa One Bedroom Bungalow - Bedroom

Grand Rancho Bar and Grill

For those who want to socialize, watch the latest game, or have a drink and a bite to eat, you can head to the Grand Rancho Bar and Grill. The heart of Mango Rosa, this is the place everyone comes at the end of their busy days to swap stories over beers. The specialty here is the seafood. We tried the Ceviche and Mahi-mahi, both of which came in generous portions and were delicious.

Grand Rancho Bar and Grill, Mango Rosa

One thing that stood out to me during out stay, was how family-friendly Mango Rosa is. Often while parents were hanging out at the bar or by the pool, you could see children playing together in the water or the gardens. In addition to the One Bedroom Bungalow, the resort offers the Two Bedroom Rancher and Casa Rancho Maderas, a three bedroom house. This makes a great destination to bring the whole family.

Mango Rosa pool and Grand Rancho Bar and Grill at night

Activities and packages

While staying in the area of San Juan Del Sur, there are endless choices of activities to do. Mango Rosa offers a range of tours including sport fishing, horseback riding and hiking. Guests can also rent surf boards and kayaks from the resort. For those who haven’t come by car, Mango Rosa makes three complimentary trips to Playa Maderas each day and can assist with other transportation needs.

For hassle free holidays, Mango Rosa also has a number of packages including accommodation, food and activities. The “Taste For Adventure” is a five night package packed full of activities in San Juan Del Sur as well as trips to Granada and Masaya. For more information, read Mango Rosa Packages.

Mango Rosa - Shop

Getting to the North Beaches of San Juan Del Sur

The northern beaches are easily accessible from San Juan Del Sur and Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. Mango Rosa provides assistance to guests with their transportation needs, as well as driving instructions.

Traveling by public transport, you can take a bus to Rivas and then to San Juan Del Sur. We traveled from Ometepe to San Jorge by ferry (50 Cordobas each), then by bus to Rivas (7 Cordobas each) and another bus to San Juan Del Sur (20 Cordobas each).

From San Juan Del Sur, there is a public bus that goes right near Mango Rosa (20 Cordobas each). Alternatively, shuttles run from most surf shops or hostels and can drop you right in front of the hotel (USD $3 each).

For those who are traveling up from Costa Rica, you would take the bus to San Juan del Sur or Rivas and then follow the same route.

Mango Rosa, San Juan Del Sur

Mango Rosa is an adventure travel and surf resort, offering one and two bedroom bungalows as well as a three bedroom luxury house. For details and pricing, read Rooms & Rates.

Location: Playa Marsella, San Juan Del Sur, Nicragua


Mango Rosa One Bedroom Bungalow

Adoration 4 Adventure were complimentary guests of Mango Rosa, however our opinions are our own and will always remain unbiased in order to provide the best recommendations to our readers.

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Escaping to the North Beaches of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. Including Playa Marsella, Playa Maderas and Playa Majagual.

Have you visited San Juan Del Sur or planning to anytime soon? Tell us about it below!

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Why Granada should be your next destination

Why Granada should be your next destination

Adoration 4 Adventure’s recommendations for visiting Granada, Nicaragua by A4A guest writer, Darrell Whaley.

On the western shores of Lake Nicaragua sits the Spanish colonial city of Granada. A city filled with bright colors and beautiful architecture. It was founded in 1524 and is thought of as one of the first European cities in North America. Any visit to Nicaragua is incomplete without going to Granada and here are just a few of the many reasons why.

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Catedral de Granada

Masaya Markets

Mercado de Artesanias de Masaya is home to multitudes of merchants. In this market you will find many homemade or carved gifts, which are perfect to bring home as presents for family or even something unique to keep at home and remind you of your trip. Even though the market sits in a quite large area, the selection of items for sale is similar between most vendors. This gives an opportunity to haggle down the price at different shops and not feel worried about walking away from a store and missing out on the specific item you want. Try to time your visit to Masaya with one of their many festivals throughout the year.

Masaya Market

Masaya Volcano

If ever there was a time to visit Granada, that time is now! Due to recent earthquakes in Nicaragua, it is currently possible to see a constant flow of lava from the top of the Masaya Volcano. This is one of a handful of places in the world to see lava actively moving from a volcano’s crater and we were lucky enough to visit Masaya Volcano at night to see this spectacular sight.

No one knows how long this view will last or what will happen with it in the near future, but with the increase of earthquakes in Nicaragua recently, some scientist speculate the volcano itself may be building up pressure to explode. Just last year, Chantell had visited Granada and viewed Masaya Volcano in the exact same spot and there was no lava anywhere close to the top. Make sure to see this incredible sight as soon as possible!

Lava flowing in Volcano Masaya

Laguna de Apoyo

Laguna de Apoyo is a volcanic lake set in the caldera of an extinct volcano about 30 minutes drive from Granada. A nice place for a day trip, Laguna de Apoyo attracts visitors with its unique views and relaxing vibes of swimming, kayaking, and hiking. Many companies offer round trip shuttle service from Granada to a hostel at the Lagoon with available food and drink service for a small price. There are many options so look to find the best one suited for you.

Laguna de Apoyo

Hotel Plaza Colon

During our visit to Granada we stayed at the Hotel Plaza Colon, which is right in front of Parque Colon, the beautiful and always bustling Central Park containing La Merced Church. Hotel Plaza Colon is a fully restored antique colonial house that has been updated in sheer luxury.

Hotel Plaza Colon offers 27 luxury guest rooms, with 5 style options. We stayed in the Double Superior option. Here we had the availability of 2 extremely comfortable double beds, a ceiling fan and AC unit, minibar, coffee pot and coffee, cable tv, and a useful safety deposit box to store our passports in. There was even a perfectly sized desk to use for work.

Double Superior Room at Hotel Plaza Colon


When we arrived, we received a voucher for a welcome drink at El Bar. The welcome drink, called El Macua, is the national cocktail and was unlike any I have ever tasted before. It included tamarind, which gave a nice balance of bitter and sweet at the same time. El Bar not only has cocktails and wines, but delicious food as well. It is the perfect place to sit and people watch throughout the Plaza.

El Bar

All stays at Hotel Plaza Colon include a fantastic breakfast served buffet style. Every morning you have the option of eggs freshly cooked to your liking, meats, breads, fruits, Nicaraguan coffee, fresh squeezed juice, and so much more. This was always my favorite part of the day while staying here. In case you need more caffeine throughout the day, Café Las Flores is on the south side of Hotel Plaza Colon and is another perfect option for watching the bustle of the Plaza.

Hotel Plaza Colon Breakfast Buffet

During your stay at Hotel Plaza Colon, make sure to learn about their sustainability practices. Hotel Plaza Colon is the only boutique hotel in Granada fully owned and operated by Nicaraguans. Many of the sustainable practices they use are not only helping the environment, but also giving back into the community to help it continue to grow. They buy all local produce, employ only local tradesmen, recycle, execute water and electricity conservation, and support community projects including their Eco School project.

Poolside at Hotel Plaza Colon


The staff of Hotel Plaza Colon was simply the best. They helped to answer any questions we had, pointed out where we needed to go, and always were always quick to greet with a smile.

Daily housekeeping is provided by the staff with fresh linens, towels, and additional supplies of soaps and ground coffee for the pot.

Reception Area of Hotel Plaza Colon

Getting to Granada

Granada is easily accessible throughout Nicaragua by car, shuttle, taxi, and local transit. We arrived via Leon with a brief layover in Managua at the UCA bus station. From the south it is possible to catch a bus direct from Rivas to Granada.

Hotel Plaza Colon, Granada

Hotel Plaza Colon offers Double, Queen and King Rooms, with or without a balcony. There is also suite, including two rooms and a balcony. For availability and pricing of all options, read Guest Rooms.

Location: Parque Central, Granada, Nicaragua


Outdoor garden at Hotel Plaza Colon

Adoration 4 Adventure were complimentary guests of Hotel Plaza Colon, however our opinions are our own and will always remain unbiased in order to provide the best recommendations to our readers.

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Adoration 4 Adventure’s recommendations for visiting Granada, Nicaragua. Including Masaya Markets, Masaya Volcano, Laguna de Apoyo and Hotel Plaza Colon.

 Have you visited Granada or planning to anytime soon? Tell us about it below!

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A day at a chocolate spa and museum in Granada, Nicaragua

A day at a chocolate spa and museum in Granada, Nicaragua

Adoration 4 Adventure’s recommendations for a chocolate spa and museum in Granada, Nicaragua. 

Most of us have day-dreamed about visiting a chocolate factory at some point in our childhood (or maybe even more recently). A place where you can see how chocolate is made, eat copious amounts and even cover yourself with it. Well, what if I told you that there is a grown-up version of this magical chocolate land?

Mansion de Chocolate is a chocolate-themed hotel with a spa, museum, pool club and chocolate-making workshops. Located in the city center of Granada, Nicaragua, Mansion de Chocolate is a choco lovers delight. We spent a full day there and it was one of the most fun indoor activities we did during our Central America backpacking trip.

Want to know what a day at at the Choco Spa and Choco Museum looks like? Here it is.

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The Cacao Pool Club - Pool Entrance

9am: Welcome

You will want to arrive bright and early for your big day of indulgence. We were warmly welcomed by the staff at the reception desk at 9am, where we confirmed our treatment appointments for the day. If you haven’t already made a reservation, you can browse one of the treatment menus and register for one of the four Bean-to-Bar workshops held each day.

For our big day, we chose the Azteca package which included Choco Therapy, Choco Mani and Choco Pedi. There are five different package options for chocolate treatments with combinations of facial, manicure, pedicure, therapy (body scrub) and reflexology. If being dipped in chocolate isn’t your thing, then there are plenty of other classic spa treatments.

9:30am: Choco Therapy

Choco Therapy is a full body scrub and exfoliation with chocolate. As far as sweet dreams go – this is the jackpot! Darrell and I met with our masseurs and were escorted into our individual treatment rooms. Much like a traditional massage, you are provided an opportunity to disrobe in private.

After you have settled, the masseuse returns with a bowl of warm chocolate to be used as a body scrub. The chocolate is 100% organic and prepared on site. You can even taste it beforehand. The masseuse provides a light massage, while rubbing it into your skin. After one side is covered, you are left to soak in the cacao goodness for ten minutes. After this, it is repeated for the other side of your body. It is optional how much you want to be covered and the masseuse will check before applying.

I found this to be an utterly unique experience. While laying in the treatment room, fully coated in chocolate, I couldn’t help but giggle to myself about how surreal the situation was. The entire process takes one hour. Following that, you can hop into one of the Choco Spa showers and rinse yourself off.

Choco Spa Treatment Room - Massage and Treatments

10:30am: Choco Museum and Shop

While in between appointments, why not wander around the mansion and grounds. Tony, the concierge, will be more than happy to show you all the facilities, including the Choco Museum and Shop. He took us here to give us an overview of the history of cacao in Nicaragua, a few samples of chocolate (from light to dark) as well as chocolate tea, liquors and wine.

ChocoMuseo - Chocolate

11:00am: Choco Workshop

The “Beans to Bar” workshop is more than just a chocolate-making class. It is a mini-lesson in history, agriculture, cooking and how to have fun. We had Jose as our instructor and enjoyed trading travel stories as well as playful banter during our workshop.

During the class, guests make three different chocolate drinks. Starting with dried cacao beans, we roasted them and then cracked the shells, revealing the nibs. Using mortar and pestle bowels, we ground the nibs until they were a refined into a shiny paste. With the addition of a few typical kitchen ingredients, we whipped up the traditional chocolate drinks of the Aztecs, Mayans and Spanish. It was interesting to hear the history and tastes the difference between each.

As edible chocolate requires tempering, a more time consuming process, we skipped a few steps in order to make our bars. Presented with the pre-made batter, guests are able to choose from a variety of nuts and spices to add into their chocolate before setting. I picked cashews, while Darrell chose coffee. The third bar was a mixture of both. Once the batter is mixed and poured into the trays, it just needs to cool in the refrigerator for a couple of hours before you can take your bar away with you.

Choco Workshop - Chocolate Bars

1:00pm: Pool Time

After a full morning of rich indulgence, you may need to take a breather. The Cacao Pool Club is the perfect place to cool down with a dip in the swimming pool or a drink at the bar. I enjoyed a $2 USD daiquiri (drink special of the day) while chilling out by the pool and enjoying the complimentary WiFi.

There are plenty of meal and snack options available too, if you are feeling peckish after your treatments.

The Cacao Pool Club

3:00pm: Choco Mani Pedi

The next extravagant experience is the Choco Mani Pedi. The difference between this and a traditional Mani Pedi, is the cacao paste that is used as a skin exfoliate. Like the Choco Therapy, the batter is applied to your hands and feet, then left to soak. The end result leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and smelling delicious.

The other benefit of having a Choco Mani Pedi, is the amount of attention and time that you receive. With most standard manicures and pedicures, it usually takes anywhere from forty to sixty minutes for both treatments. As this is a treat, it’s not something that should be rushed. Which is why I appreciated the two hour treatment at Choco Spa.

This unique place is like any others that we haven’t encountered during our travels. At the end of day of our decadent day, Darrell and I left feeling rejuvenated, pampered and refreshed.

Choco Mani - Chantell Collins

Mansion de Chocolate

Mansion de Chocolate is also a chocolate-themed hotel in the heart of Granada. Each morning, hotel guests are treated to an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. All facilities and activities, including the breakfast buffet, are open to the public for day visits.

Location: Calle Atravesada (corner of Calle El Arsenal), Granada, Nicaragua


Mansion de Chocolate - Choco Spa

Adoration 4 Adventure were complimentary guests of Hotel Mansion de Chocolate, however our opinions are our own and will always remain unbiased in order to provide the best recommendations to our readers.

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Adoration 4 Adventure's recommendations for a chocolate spa and museum in Granada, Nicaragua. Including a chocolate making workshop and spa treatments.

Have you visited a chocolate spa and museum? Tell us about it below!

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