Adoration 4 Adventure’s highlights of Asturias, Spain.

When people think about visiting Spain, the first thing that usually comes to mind is metropolitan Madrid or energetic Barcelona. For the beach lovers, the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, or sunny region of Andalusia may be on the top of your list.

However, there is much more than the tourist hot-spots. Spain has 17 regions with distinct cultures, landscapes, and even different languages.

I had the pleasure of being based in the northern region of Asturias for eight months. The lesser-known Asturias is a natural paradise with cooler weather, luscious forests, and spectacular beaches. The northern route of the Camino de Santiago also passes through many of its cities.

Here are my highlights from Asturias, Spain.

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The three major cities of Asturias are Gijon, Oviedo, and Aviles. In my opinion, Gijon is the nicest but as this was my base, I might be a little biased. Also, unlike the others, Gijon is right on the beach. Oviedo is a more of a historic city with beautiful architecture. Aviles has an estuary and major river running through it.

In addition to San Lorenzo beach, which is great for surfing, paddle boarding, swimming, or just soaking up the sun, Gijon also has some great seaside walks. The La Nora route, starting in Gijon, stretches east along 10 kilometers (6 miles) of stunning coastline. My friends and I packed a picnic and went at a leisurely pace, returning in less than four hours.

Lastres (Llastres)

Lastres, or LLastres in Asturiano, is a fishing town located 42 kilometers (26 miles) from Gijon. Referred to as one of the most beautiful and typical Asturian towns, this makes a great place for lunch or a swim at the beach.



The most revered and famous sites in Asturias, Covadonga’s main attraction is a church within the mountains.

During the summer season, it is possible to arrive here by bus but is much more convenient to visit by car. Also be aware that during the warmer months it can get crowded with tourists on weekends.

A windy drive up the hill will take you to lush fields full of grazing cattle and smooth lakes that are not swimmable but perfect for picture taking.

Mirador del Fitu

Mount Fitu was one of the favorite spots that I visited during my time in Asturias. There are plenty of hiking trails and panoramic views to be enjoyed.

Mirador del Fitu, Asturias - Adoration 4 Adventure


A rural town with a history of craftsmanship, in Taramundi you can find museums for watermills, knifemaking, and textiles in addition to the breathtaking scenery.


Ribadesella is another coastal location with an inland beach close to the center, and more beaches across the bridge. The great thing about Ribadesella is that you can get here easily by Alsa bus from Gijon, Oviedo, and Aviles.

During a road trip from Gijon to Covadonga, we stopped here for a relaxing drink by the ocean.


Cangas de Onis

After Covadonga, Cangas de Onis is considered to be one of the holiest sites in Asturias. The town itself is very pretty and nice to walk around, however, the main attraction is the Roman bridge with the Victory Cross.

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When describing the beauty of Cudillero, many people liken it to the infamous Cinque Terre in Italy. This charming village is dreamlike both at day and in the evening when all the buildings are lit up.

Take a stroll through town and stop for a bit to eat. Typical for a fishermen’s town, the specialty is seafood.

Cudillero, Asturias, Spain - Adoration 4 Adventure

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Adoration 4 Adventure’s highlights of Asturias, Spain including Gijon, Covadonga, Cangas de Onis, Ribadesella, Lastres, and Cudillero.

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