Adoration 4 Adventure’s collection of romantic travel stories – “Romance on the road”.

This collection includes stories from four different continents of romantic moments that occurred while traveling.

For inspiration and tips on how to woo your current or potential partner even while in remote destinations without a big budget.

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Romance on the road

Romance on the road: Jessica BeareJessica Beare

Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

The most romantic thing that I have had done for me took place in the United Arab Emirates, in the early stages of my current relationship. I was working in the desert at a wilderness camp. In the middle of the night, my boyfriend woke me up from my cabin, told me to wrap up warm (the desert gets cold at night!), and we snuck out of the locked gates.

He led me through the dunes without any explanation, up onto the highest point around, with the completely still Arabian Desert stretched out before us. The only light came from the tiniest slither of a crescent moon turned on its side, and the most incredible set of stars that you will ever see. We lay together on the sand and stargazed, counting a total of 15 shooting stars. To this day when we see the moon that way, we call it ‘our moon’ – if you haven’t yet witnessed Arabian nights then I highly recommend you do it, it will take your breath away.

Romance on the road: Kachina DimmockKachina Dimmock

Bozeman, Montana, United States of America

For me, Bozeman will always be the most romantic place on this Earth, as it is where I met my partner. There’s so much you can do in Bozeman (LOTS of winter activities around this time of year), however the greatest romantic gestures are best kept simple. For the entire week leading up to our first date, I was not allowed to ask any questions about what was being planned.

On the day I was surprised with a cute little picnic in the snowy dog park. Happy puppies playing in the snow surrounded us – it was perfect. This was made even sweeter by the fact that Henry had woken up early that morning and went down the street to buy cakes and tea from the co-op, Wal-Mart to buy a thermos – which he sneaked into the cafeteria and filled with hot water so that we could have tea in the park and scarves to keep our butts warm on the icy seats. Super sweet and romantic AND it fit the 7-month travel budget perfectly.

Romance on the road: Karin Ardila ŠkutkováKarin Ardila Škutková

Botum Sakor National Park, Cambodia

My husband and I got married last year; however when we met you would not have thought about a happy ending. We bumped into each other in a hostel in Bangkok and went on to hitchhike across the coast of Cambodia. One of the rides left us right on a beach; instead of heading to the nearby island, we hung our hammock in between of the palm trees and stayed with the tiny local community. We slept under the roof that was left of an abandoned house; the government recently displaced most of the villagers because of a casino some Chinese entrepreneurs planned to build there.

We stayed there for a week, sharing one sleeping bag and getting to know the fishermen and their kids who brought us food and taught us basic Khmer words; this wooden shack on the road was our first home. When we had to split later, we sat together and read aloud our travel journals to each other. That was the most intimate moment I could imagine; ever since, we always keep travel diaries and share them with each other when we are apart – which, luckily, doesn’t happen quite as often anymore.

Romance on the road: Sadhvi MythuliSadhvi Mythuli

Ooty, India

Ooty is one of the most romantic and famous honeymoon destinations in India. I had always dreamed of spending a romantic time together with my husband – dancing, hugging and kissing. You might wonder ‘what is such a big deal in that? Remember, I am from India. India is a conservative country where public displays of affection (even hugging) are concerned very offensive and my dream remained only a dream for many years until we went to Ooty. On every trip, we like to take a rental bike and roam on our own.

We started at a nearby lake called ‘Pykara Lake’. On our way, we found a secluded road which was very rarely used by anyone and decided to stop there for few minutes. The place turned out to be the most romantic place! We did all the things I had been dreaming of doing. We laughed, danced on the road, kissed and played ‘catch­ catch’ in the woods. We spent some two hours there until it started getting dark. I had had many romantic moments before, but this was the most romantic time on the road.

Romance on the road: Sheila KowalSheila Kowal

Koh Khai Nui, Thailand

When we travel, romance is key to our fun.  On a recent bareboat sailing/diving trip in Thailand we stopped for lunch and a bit of snorkeling. We knew this might be our last dip in the water before returning to Phuket and immediately catching a flight to Chiang Mai. Even though we were excited about caring for elephants, I dreaded leaving the water. This snorkeling spot wasn’t superb, but we were enjoying every last minute – the fish were friendly, colorful, and plentiful.

While I mermaided my way through the area, I didn’t know Tom was on the hunt for anything fun to show me – a starfish, Christmas tree worm, turtle, eel or even a heart-shaped rock.  No luck. What to do to show his affection? Why not build a heart? So he did – about 8 feet underwater – he took a deep breath, gathered rocks, arranged rocks, over and over. I caught on just in time to snap this pic! His heart added an extra special romantic surprise to our last snorkel!

Romance on the road: Gabby BeckfordGabby Beckford

Reykjavik, Iceland

When I was 17 I had just graduated high school and decided to go to Iceland by myself. So on that day in late July, I connected from BWI to JFK and then transferred to my plane from JFK to Reykjavik. I sat in the aisle seat and an old man sat in the window seat. And as I’m just praying some huge sweaty guy doesn’t sit next to me, it happens. The most gorgeous specimen of man ever says “Excuse me, that’s my seat”, with a smile. Long story short – he was from San Diego laying over in Iceland on his way to do a Eurorail trek through Europe for 6 months. We talked the entire flight, and I really believe that we mutually fell in love!

I don’t remember looking away from his green eyes the entire 7 hours. We even fell asleep leaning against each other while holding pinky fingers. The entire flight felt like a scene out of a movie! And I could feel our futures intertwining until he told me he was 23, and then asked how old I was… Yikes. I panicked and lied and said I was 21! Unfortunately, that’s why when we got off the plane and he asked if I wanted to go on a date in Reykjavik and to see each other again, I felt I had to decline because I didn’t want him to figure out I was only 17! A sad ending, but that flight from New York to Iceland is one of my best travel memories and I still get butterflies when I think about it!

Tanja Aelbrecht

Alberta, Canada

One of the most romantic things during mine and my hubbies road trips is his willingness to make all my star gazing wishes come true.  For example, we were on a road trip in Alberta, and it was 25 degrees below zero (Celsius). Despite being in the middle of nowhere, Jelger drove us way out in the field, to escape the small town lights and helped me identify star signs with his iPad.

Another example was our trip last winter to Oregon Coast. It was very windy and cold, but I insisted on wanting to take a photograph of Cannon Beach’s stars at night. Instead of staying inside in our perfectly comfy hotel room, my hubby dragged along the gear and helped me out. True romance for me is found in the moments where I know he’ll do something for me just because he loves me (I know how much he dislikes the cold, hehe). And this always leads to great shared experiences.

Romance on the road: Tanja Aelbrecht

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