Adoration 4 Adventure’s recommendations on saving money on clothing to help you travel more and for longer.

I want to do more than just inspire you to travel, I want to help you make those dreams a reality. And one of the biggest barriers to travel can be funds.

This is part 2 of how to save money on clothing to spend on travel. Some tips may seem simple, while others a little radical, however, you can pick and choose what works for you. The important thing is that you are making positive changes to the way you spend and putting it aside for your goals.

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1. Wear your clothes until they are dead

A good way to save money on clothing is to maximize your use out of the items you already own. Basically as a piece of clothing starts to get worn, repurpose it into clothing that you wear to go to the gym or clean the house.

When packing for my travels, I will often take older items of clothing. On my 9-week backpacking trip to Central America, I filled my backpack with clothes that were due to be trashed/donated. And then as I traveled and no longer needed the item, I would discard them, returning with a near-empty backpack.

This idea is great for so many reasons – firstly a lot of clothing would have gotten worn or damaged during the activities I was doing anyway. And secondly, this makes room in your backpack to pick up some nice souvenirs or local crafts! (Just make sure resist the urge to fill up your bag with more impulse-bought clothing).


2. Borrow and swap clothes

I will try everything I can think of before actually investing in a new item of clothing. I avoid it at all risks! Not only because I don’t like the activity of clothes shopping (who else hates trying on clothes?) but also because I would much rather spend that money on a trip!

Rather than buy new clothes, consider swapping or borrowing. Think about who is in your family and friendship circle that you could borrow or swap clothes with. I often borrow or exchange things with my Mum, as we have a similar dress and shoe sizes. I have also borrowed from a boyfriend’s wardrobe on more than one occasion.

While living in New York City, I used to attend regular “clothes swapping” events (found through the website Meet Up). These events had strict guidelines about the quality of clothing and swapping process (donate one, take one) to ensure fairness for all. Try searching online for clothes swapping event near you, or even start your own with some friends. I’ve also heard of these being organized for high-cost designer wear and handbags. It’s a great way to increase your wardrobe, while getting rid of clothes you no longer like, without spending a ton of money.
Staying with friends in Edinburg, Scotland

3. Thrift Stores

If I have to shop, then I prefer to hit up thrift stores (Op Shops). Often you will get better quality of clothing for less money. And the items are always well-washed and often in great condition. I’ve purchased many lovely brand-name sweaters (jumpers) and corporate-type clothing from thrift stores in New York City, Vancouver and now in my little city in the north of Spain.

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Adoration 4 Adventure's recommendations on how to save money on clothing to help you travel more and for longer. Part 2 of 2.

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