Adoration 4 Adventure’s 1-day budget backpacking trip to Venice, Italy.

I only had 24 hours in Venice and still managed to see everything I wanted, including a gondola ride for only €2. Here is how my visit went.

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Venice in 24 hours

I arrived by train from Udine. The Santa Lucia station was only a twenty-minute from my hostel located in the northern part of the island. After checking in and dropping off my bags around lunchtime, I found a free walking tour online. The tour was meeting close to the train station, however, I decided to walk the long way, going southeast then crossing back on the Rialto Bridge.

The first thing that struck me about Venice was the amount of tourists, especially around Rialto Bridge where the narrow alleyways can be clogged with people so much that it can bring you to a standstill. I was visiting during the peak season (June, July, August) however have been told that there are much fewer visitors off-peak.

After taking a few turns off the main walkways, I found a maze of twisting alleyways all through the center of Venice. In these little alleys, there were barely any other people and I could be by myself in the peace and quiet to enjoy the beautiful city. It’s very easy to get lost in the rabbit’s warren of alleys and I had to rush to make sure I was on time for my walking tour.

24 hour itinerary for Venice, Italy - Chantell Collins
The tour guide took us into the ghetto and shared with us some interesting history about Venice. The best part was when he showed us the “triagatto”. A gondola used for crossing the canal. Usually, gondola rides can cost upwards of 80 Euro. However, for only 2 Euro you can have a shorten experience to tick off the bucket list.

24 hour itinerary in Venice, Italy - Canals

After my mini gondola trip, I decided to separate myself from the tour early as I had limited time and a lot of sites to cover. I headed straight for Piazza San Marco. After spending some time soaking in the sites of the square, including Basilica Di San Marco (church) and Torre dell’Orologio (clock tower), I wandered around the city of Venice finding hidden treasures around every corner. My favorite part of Venice was getting lost and finding gorgeous views at every turn.

Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy
Venice is the most expensive city to visit in Italy, however, I kept my trip cheap with pizza slices and gelato from street stores. It was an amazing trip and I would thoroughly recommend to anyone to visit.

Budget breakdown: Venice

All costs are quoted for one person and in the local currency (Euros). See below for the average daily spend per person including currency conversion to USD and AUD. I always try to find and negotiate the best prices to share with my readers. If you know of a better deal, tell me about it in the comments below.

Accommodation: Hostel (€27).

Food: Breakfast of take-away sandwich (€4), pizza slices for lunch and dinner (€6) and gelato for dessert (€1.50). Water refills from hostel into a pre-purchased water bottle.

Activities: City Walking Tour (Free).

Transport: Walking in city (Free), traghetto gondola ride (€2).

Average daily spend*: €40.50 per day ($64.31 AUD / $45.26 USD as of 3 September 2015).

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Adoration 4 adventure's 1 day backpacking trip to Venice, Italy on a budget, including how to find a gondola ride for only €2.

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